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Memorial Headstones – “Remembering There Was A Life”

Looking into our history, people have found their own way to memorialize life.Everyone has placed a distinctive mark on this earth. No matter where we are and how we are, each and every one has occupied a special place in time and on this earth. There are some, who prefer to pass off quietly, while there are others, who want to go out of sight with sonority forever. They want people to remember even if they are gone. Some spread out the ashes over a golf course or into a favorite lake or river, message in a bottle thrown into the sea, while some expect detailed written memorial headstones to preserve their memory.

There are many memorial headstones made of marble or graphite could be seen walking through local cemeteries. Some with faded ceramic photos, concise inscription with the interesting stories could be found on memorial headstones. There are many companiesnowadays who provide various customized memorial headstone for preserving memories. There is one latest one that uses a QR code tag attached to the cemetery memorial. Each code tag is a link to personal website containing family details, including their photos, comments that can be accessed through home computer or by a smart phone. Family members from anywhere across the globe can leave messages or endearment on the website on various occasions like birthdays or Mother’s Day. In this way of preserving memory, not only family photos, but other genealogical information can be preserved online, safe from fire or water or any other disaster.

There are still many people who only want marble headstones or graphite headstones as tombstone on their grave. There are various ways of creating a personalized memorial stone from craving detailed story, engraving versus of favorite song or ceramic photos.Some people also ask to put solar light to illuminate the monument at night. People want to define and leave their core values for the present and future generation. They want to tell what gave them strength in dark times and what kept them going on right path. This made humans to have a desire to build monuments and memorials to remind the next generation about them and their family values. Memorial headstones should speak to future generation across centuries. Or we can say it is the only means by which people talk with their dead.

A memorial headstone, whether small or big, is a way of preserving the memory of loved ones, who have left them behind. Memorial plaques Melbourne help one in healing from grief that people suffers after the loss of loved ones. They are not only meant to remind loved ones, but help them in healing also. Cemeteries are the repositories of memories of many people and monument is not only for craving lines, it’s a way of solace to the
individual or family. It symbolizes devotion, human emotions of love. It is not to remind the sorrow, but the warmth of a family of long years. A monument is built for faith in life and hope for living. It says a lot about the yesterday and today and the years that are yet to come.