Stones That Would Be Great For Your Loved One

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Losing someone you love is the hardest part anyone could feel. And we want to treasure the memories that they shared with us as best as we can. That’s why when we bury them in their graves; we leave something behind, the verses and quotes that summarize the life that they have lived.

In the past, we engrave the name of the deceased on fieldstones along with the degree that they have received, their date of birth and death, and the quotes that we want to leave to them.

The quotes can either be verses or poems in any length. The common sayings that people use are: “Family Remembrance”, “In Loving Memory”, etc.

Memorial Stones

But nowadays, if you want to show something special to your deceased loved one, you can create a space for a garden next to their graves. In this garden, you can put perfect custom memorial stones that have poems, verses and even pictures in it.

Companies who make this kind of memorial stones use lasers that could engrave the words and pictures on the stones forever. They use up-to-date technology to adjust the pictures electronically for them to get the best results. They also remove scratch marks and dusts by using the latest software and they would then adjust the picture for the contrast and brightness. Learn more about it right here.

Once you have selected a memorial photo plaque or a stone that will be displayed on your garden, the image that you have submitted will then be adjusted for it to fit the size of the stone.


The custom memorial stones are usually made from black granite and are then used with high-definition laser for the engraving process by using both of these materials, the result will be a beautiful contrast. The finished engraving is weather-proof and will definitely last long for your future generations to see. 

Sizes and Price

The memorial stones can be bought in different sizes and thickness. There are plaques that have 2” in thickness and have different inches in sizes like 6”x10” worth $140.00, 8”x12” worth $165.00, 10”x16” which costs $235.00 and a 12”x24” which costs $335.00. There are also memorial stones that have a thickness of 4” and have different sizes like 8”x12” worth $290.00, 8”x12” worth $350.00 and 10”x20” which costs $500.00.
By having customizations on the memorial stones that you want, you have the freedom to choose your own quotes, verses or poems. You can also choose the picture of your loved one and what type of stone that would be used. You can then send it to your chosen memorial stone makers and make them adjust everything that is needed to make the end result perfect.